Out-of-market Recruitment Event


A major healthcare system was facing a shrinking pool of qualified nurses and decided to recruit out-of-market talent. In this case, out-of-market also meant out of the country.


We organized and managed its participation in an established job fair and a corresponding private hiring event including the targeting of nursing talent, recruitment advertising and direct marketing.

Tactics included:

  • Geo-targeting of talent in the out-of-market region
  • A combination of personalized ecards, RSVP microsite and supporting recruitment advertising
  • A screening process to accommodate foreign nationals’ relocation
  • Creating messaging and collateral materials used in job fair


  • Experienced a high volume of candidate traffic at the job fair
  • Private hiring event generated 55 attendees resulting in 37 job offers
  • Microsite continued as a source for candidates in that market
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