• Workforce communications are a central ingredient in creating successful organizations. If developed correctly and applied intelligently, they lead to increased talent engagement — and that, in turn, generates greater cost savings and competitive advantages.

    Workforce Communications and Employer Branding.
    At The David Group, we believe your workforce communications and employer brand are one in the same. Your employer brand provides the framework for your workforce messaging. When your employer brand and workforce communications are aligned in tone, language, look and feel — your messaging resonates more strongly with both job candidates and current employees.

    The Workforce Communications Practice delivers comprehensive expertise — for external employer branding (recruitment marketing to job candidates) and internal employer branding (engagement to inform, reward, develop and retain your employees).

    What is Employer Branding?
    It is your story as an employer. But, it’s your story as told by the everyday experiences of your people. Your employer brand touches every part of your employee lifecycle: from first awareness and recruitment, to talent retention, even to exit and off-boarding.

    Providing Competitive Advantage.
    Organizations that have a strong, clear employer brand are shown to out-perform in their marketplace. They hire better talent. Their people are more engaged and they stay longer. They hire candidates faster, pay less in recruitment costs per hire, and traditionally bring on more employee referrals (the most cost effective type of hire). That’s why our Workforce Communications Practice is dedicated to strengthening employer brands that increase employee engagement.

    Why are Engaged Employees So Valuable?
    They are your stars. Engaged employees are committed, enthusiastic and more productive. They are learners and leaders. They are more loyal and inspire others. And they are the first to refer your organization as an outstanding workplace to candidates like themselves.

    How We Engage Your Workforce.
    We craft communications programs that are shaped by evidenced-based discovery of the drivers that attract and retain your employees. We then apply consumer-based marketing methods and creative advertising practices to deliver and reinforce messaging that is focused on improving employee engagement.

    Increased employee engagement is shown to increase workforce productivity, lower turnover, and improve an organization’s profitability.

    Typical Elements of Workforce Communications:

    • Recruitment advertising (digital & analog) • Social media • Internal mobility programs • Onboarding materials/web portal • Leadership development programs • Internal social networks • Online suggestion box • Employee referral program • Diversity initiatives • Employee resource groups • Recognition programs • Anniversary recognition • Job Well-Done communications • Incentive programs (sales, service…) • Internal newsletters • Employee Intranet site • Online training/toolkits • Volunteering recognition • Social networks for alumni