Surge Hiring: Call Center


A national retail, repair and services company in the recreation industry needed to quickly open a full service, 24/7 call center but their reputation as an employer was damaged due to layoffs. In addition, there were two well-established call centers in the area competing for talent.


Recognizing that the talent competitors used traditional recruitment approaches focused on salary and hours, we devised an approach to go to market with an employer branding campaign focusing on culture, mission and “why it’s better” messaging.

Tactics included:

  • Employer brand PR campaign including media placement of executive interviews, connecting with local schools and working with local employment agencies
  • Internal training and an employee referral program
  • Integrated recruitment advertising and marketing campaign including print and radio advertising, collateral materials and application kiosks


  • Filled every position within two weeks of opening
  • Created a talent pool that was used when the call center expanded, reducing talent acquisition costs
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