The Power of Purpose-Driven Employer Branding

Quick Look

  • All generations of the workforce are looking to connect in a deeper, more meaningful way with their employers.
  • Candidates’ need for purpose-driven connection to companies is a trend that will grow and continue.
  • Individuals will connect when there is alignment between their own values and a company’s values.
  • This puts pressure on a company to define and articulate its culture, mission and values through its employer brand.
  • Those organizations who do align purpose-driven messaging and their employer brand will stand out in a crowded consumer-driven communications marketplace.

The availability of qualified candidates in all labor sectors is growing more competitive. Employers are seeking more focused and effective methods to increase their talent success. One current approach, connecting candidates and employees to career meaning, is demonstrating its power to:

  • Attract top-performing job candidates and build employee engagement with greater efficiency;
  • Endear high-value talent audiences more strongly to organizations;
  • Increase employee retention and decrease hiring costs; and
  • Improve overall business profitability.

It is universal: people are always searching for deeper meaning, for a closer sense of “fit” in all aspects of their life. This is especially true when it comes to careers.

Research shows that Millennials (today’s most active hiring audience) are drawn to companies that match their own values, whether this match is found in the products a company produces, the customer it touches, the culture it espouses, the societal commitment to ‘give something back,’ or any combination of these. Baby Boomers and Gen Yers are also valuing meaningful career connectedness. As they age they are changing their priorities and being drawn more strongly to purpose-focused employers.

In short, it is more important than ever for employers to speak to purpose-seeking individuals in their recruiting and engagement practices.


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N. Robert Johnson APR, Practice Leader, Workforce Communications

Bob Johnson has more than 20 years of corporate, agency and internal communications experience. He is currently leading The David Group's Workforce Communications Practice focused on strengthening employer brands, engaging people and cutting the cost of talent.

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