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As challenging as it may seem, this is a great time to be working in talent acquisition. There are so many ways now to connect with talent, and even better, to connect with the talent you need.

The challenges, though, are many. From the shifting balance of power between the employee and employer (employees have it, if you haven’t noticed), to navigating the complexities of talent communications in a digital age, employers are challenged to create and execute talent acquisition and retention programs to an audience on the move. And, as the economy continues to improve, the competition for talent is getting tougher day by day.

Thus, we come to the idea that in today’s world, HR needs to sell. But, what does it mean for HR to sell? For us, it means a couple of key strategic imperatives.

  • Stand out: Employers need to stand out from their talent competitors. Through engaging and inspiring employer brands, employers need to not only make a great first impression, they need to “live and breathe” their employment experience. Talent is craving authenticity.
  • Be ‘commercially’ focused: Candidates – and employees – expect great experiences, both online and in their personal interactions. HR needs to create and manage great candidate and employee experiences just as commercial enterprises create great customer experiences.
  • Make it easy: In today’s world, it’s got to be easy. Candidates need to immediately pick up on your branding messages and recruitment processes need to be made easy. Otherwise, they’re gone.
  • Connect communities: It’s all about connection and community. Employers need to understand, and embrace, that today’s workforce is community-focused. Whether these communities are internal or external, people want to connect with people and they want to be a part of something greater.

So we come to our new website, and our new blog. Now that we’ve started the conversation, we hope that this will become a place – a community if you will – where we’ll talk about the challenges we face but, more importantly, about the opportunities we can create. Over the months, and years, we’ll share with you our ideas, experiences and expertise, all with an unrelenting focus on improving talent acquisition, talent communications and candidate quality.

We hope that you’ll join in the conversation.

About the Author

N. Robert Johnson APR, Practice Leader, Workforce Communications

Bob Johnson has more than 20 years of corporate, agency and internal communications experience. He is currently leading The David Group's Workforce Communications Practice focused on strengthening employer brands, engaging people and cutting the cost of talent.

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