What makes up an employer brand? It’s made from the everyday experiences of your people. It is expressed through your employer brand promise, your employer brand attributes and your employee value proposition (EVP). That expression is called your employer brand architecture and represents every touch point in your talent communications from candidate sourcing to recruitment advertising, websites, social media, talent communities, on-boarding, internal communications, and off-boarding.

 How to Make an Employer Brand Stronger

How do you make your employer brand stronger?  There are many ways to strengthen your employer brand. For us, it starts with one key element: validation. The strongest employer brands reflect the authentic story of an organization’s employment experience. Validation equals discovery, meaning the extent to which to validate your employer brand messaging with employees’ experiences. Simply, more you validate your employer brand messaging, the stronger your employer brand becomes.

 What’s Our Approach?

The David Group’s Workforce Communications Practice follows a simple methodology: Discover, Invent and Deliver.


Discovery is the process of establishing, understanding and validating the employer brand’s promise and attributes, and the organization’s overall Employee Value Proposition (EVP}. It’s a time of asking questions and documenting all the facts. We use employee and stakeholder focus groups, interviews and surveys as ways to discover the true story. We look deeper. Our discovery approach also includes reviewing employee engagement data, stay and exit interview data, and enterprise-wide communications audits.


Invention is where we craft and refine the narrative that will be used to strengthen the employer brand and increase employee engagement. In addition to putting your employer brand promise, attributes and EVP in writing, this is where we apply a creative and visual interpretation of your employment narrative to your story. Invention is where empirical HR data is infused with the emotional connections born from advertising expertise.


Delivery is the execution of the organization’s narrative. It’s the telling of the story. From creating detailed strategic communications plans to measuring media channel performance, delivery is focused on getting the right messages to the right audiences at the right time. It’s the action in action-focused communications.

Our employer branding services include:

  • Employer brand promise and attributes
  • Employee value proposition
  • External brand alignment
  • Culture, mission and values alignment
  • Employee engagement alignment
  • Customer-focused employer branding
  • Employer Brand Dimensions studies
  • Stakeholder interviews
  • Focus groups
  • Communications audits
  • Brand ambassador and employee referral programs